The Camden Square is six speakers in a lightweight box. Camden Square has its own App! Download the free DJ Stream App and make playlists interactive. Up to four connected people can select tunes from their own music libraries, and take turns adding them to the Camden Square playlist. Streaming Bluetooth audio with the quality of wired sound (Or, connect any source easily with the 1/8 Stereo Input Jack, Jack). Lightweight Lithium Ion Batteries play up to 24 hours. They recharge quickly with the AC Adaptor (included). 6-driver array, four full-range speakers and two rectangular passive radiators, combined with Polk technologies, delivers big volume, lifelike sound projection, and surprising bass response. Full Complement Bass (FCB), exclusive Polk technology, delivers combined identical low frequency signals (below 200Hz) from all speakers, for awesome, danceable bass with minimal distortion. Dynamic Loudness Digital Signal Processing (DSP), and the specially designed acoustic system of the Camden Square, results in optimal performance.

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